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Map instructions and key

The map shows one or more Bee network schemes in your area along with key information about the scheme. There is also a text-based version of the information available on this map, filterable by borough, to give you an idea of facilities available locally.

Keyboard users

To search: Tab to the search box for ‘search for a postcode or the name of your area’. Start typing to reveal suggested entries. You can select these with the arrow key and confirm with the enter key to re-zoom the map.

Text-based version: A listing of schemes and facilities is available by tabbing to this entry and using the enter key to jump to a text-based list of what’s happening in your area.

Navigating the map: Tab through until you reach a selected map entry, then use the arrow keys to navigate around map entries and use the enter key to reveal the description for that map entry.

Mouse/smartphone users

To search: Select the search box in ‘Get a personalised map’. Start typing to reveal suggested entries. You can select these with mouse to re-zoom the map.

Text-based version:

Navigating the map: Use the +/- buttons to zoom in and out, click and drag to move around the map. Select map features with a click or tap to bring up map information.

If using a smartphone: tap and drag with 2 fingers to move around the map. Pinch or open your fingers to zoom in and out. Select map features by tapping on them.

Map key

  • Active neighbourhood
  • Bridge, ramp or other structure
  • Crossing
  • Cycle Hire Station
  • Cycle Hub
  • Cyclops Junction
  • Football
  • Gym
  • Hospital
  • Junction Improvement
  • Library
  • Modal Filter
  • Open Cycle Parking
  • Park or Playground
  • Parklet
  • School
  • Tennis
  • Train Station
  • Tram Station
Text version of map

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