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Scheme Manchester Road Phase 1

Active travel corridor from Grosvenor St to Farnworth

Scheme description

The proposed scheme seeks to enhance the existing cycle lane provision along the B6536 / A575 Manchester Road / A6053 Bolton Road / Market Street (between Bolton Town Centre and Farnworth Town Centre), through road space reallocation and light separation in the form of ‘wand orcas’ (cycle lane delineators with reflective bollards). This proposed scheme was identified as a priority route by residents through consultation. The University of Bolton has also invested in 1,000 bicycles for students and they have specifically highlighted this as a key route for students travelling between the Bolton Town Centre Deane Road campus and the Farnworth campus. Light separation using wand orcas, while offering the opportunity to modify the scheme in the short term, could be replaced with a fully segregated scheme once the route is established.

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