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Scheme Hill Street

Improve links with existing cycle scheme along Victoria Street to Stockport Road.

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  • Gym
  • Hospital
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  • Library
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  • Park or Playground
  • Parklet
  • School
  • Tennis
  • Train Station
  • Tram Station
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Scheme description

This is one of a number of schemes across Tameside to improve neighbourhood areas, including making local journeys safer by foot or bike. This scheme will be an extension of the cycling and walking facilities that were completed in 2019. It will improve the connections from Chadwick Dam towards Ridge Hill, Mellor Road, Tameside Hospital, Mossley Road and the residential areas to the north of Ashton. It will also include a new crossing on Mossley Road to make it easier to reach the park and Rose Hill Road to the north. New and improved contra-flows for cyclists and pedestrians. This scheme will improve the quiet roads between the A627 Cavendish Street and the A6017 Stockport Road for cycling and walking. A contraflow cycle lane will be included, meaning people can cycle in both directions. There will also be links for cyclists at existing no-through roads to better connect communities.

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