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Our Partners

GM Moving

GM Moving is our shared ambition to make moving more a natural part of everyday life for all of us. Our shared purpose is to positively change the lives of people across Greater Manchester through physical activity and sport: All together inspiring people to move more. Find out more.


Sustrans is the charity that makes it easier for more people to walk and cycle. As part of the TfGM Active Neighbourhoods project we are working with 10 districts in Greater Manchester to help create safer, healthier streets.

We are leading on a four-stage community engagement programme with local residents, schools and businesses, where peoples’ views are at the heart of the design process. Find out more here.


Arup provide support on a range of transport projects and programmes in Greater Manchester. The projects support the city region’s goal for 50% of all journeys to be made by walking, cycling and public transport by 2040 and its ambition to achieve net zero by 2038. Find out more.


CIVITAS Handshake, an EU-funded project, is helping cities across Europe to turn cycling into an everyday mode of transport. To do this, three renowned “Cycling Capitals” – Copenhagen (Denmark), Amsterdam (the Netherlands), and Munich (Germany) – are sharing their expertise and proven cycling solutions with 10 “Future Cycling Capitals”, one of which is Greater Manchester (represented by TfGM). Copenhagen serves as Greater Manchester’s project mentor, advising the city-region as it undergoes its process of cycling change. Read more.


Beryl manage day-to-day operation of Greater Manchester's cycle hire scheme. They are an experienced bike-share company which already works with other cities and regions including London, Watford, Bournemouth, Norwich and Hereford. Find out more.


BikeRight! have teamed up with Transport for Greater Manchester to deliver a unique cycling experience for school students aimed at encouraging cycling to school, cycling for leisure and to increase their physical activity – all contributing to making Greater Manchester cleaner, greener and more liveable. Find out more.

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