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Our Greater Manchester journey planning tool can help you work out the best route for you to walk, cycle or wheel to your destination!

Discover cycling and
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There are lots of resources available to help plan your next active travel journey. Explore a few options below:

On foot or by bike
is best for local trips

A staggering 250 million car trips every year in Greater Manchester are less than one kilometre. That's a four minute bike ride or ten minutes on foot.

Reaching for the car keys every time you leave the house is a long-held habit for many but once you begin making more trips on foot or by bike, we think you’ll be excited by how great it can make you feel.

By walking or cycling, you can arrive with ease. You are not bound by car parking time limits so you are free to stay as long as you need, without having one eye on the time.

You will feel a lot healthier without the need for a gym membership. Did we mention that you can burn around 166 calories per half hour on foot and 308 calories per half hour on a bike? It will also help you feel happier. What's not to love?

Our tailored map shows how far you can get in 15 minutes on foot or by bike from your front door. It also shows the existing high-quality routes or Active Neighbourhoods that are complete so far near you.

Can’t find anything where you live yet? Check out our map showing what’s coming.

Before you reach for the car keys, think:
"Could I walk or cycle this?"

30% of trips by car in Greater Manchester would take 4 minutes by bike or 10 minutes on foot.

TfGM TRADS travel survey

Active Neighbourhoods

Reclaiming streets for those that live on them

Streets that prioritise the movement, health and safety of people over the movement of cars are not new. In fact, cul de sacs have been around in the UK for more than 100 years. Hundreds of thousands of people in Greater Manchester already live in areas where cars are not able to rat run down their streets. Places where people can cycle, scoot, wheel or walk safely and neighbours can stop to chat. But for hundreds of thousands of others, rat running is a very real problem that we want to do something about.

As part of our plans to create the UK’s largest cycling and walking network, we are creating new Active Neighbourhoods across Greater Manchester. See what’s planned where you live.

'Our own little Oasis'

Hafsa bought her house because it was located in a low traffic environment

Hafsa couldn't be happier that when she opens her front door there is no through traffic. She walks outside her front door without worrying about cars. She says it feels like a real community.

Active Travel 050 N865

Hafsa, Moss Side

"We've been very fortunate to be at the end of what is now a cul de sac"

Ewan lives on a road in Stretford that is currently trialling a low traffic environment, using planters to stop cars being able to pass through. He says: "This road was infamous before for being a really bad rat run - cars coming up on to the pavement and going really fast. It wasn't very good for this little chap to be able to ride his bike. We've been very fortunate to be right at the end of what is now a cul de sac and we can now let him run free in the road. It's been really great, actually."

A picture of a father and a child in a low traffic neighbourhood

How can we help you?

Not ridden in years? Start here!

If you've not been on a bike for years, we can help get you get started with courses, access to bikes, trikes and more. But first: just get on and ride.

Want to ride more regularly?

Fix up your cycle, find great rides, build your confidence with courses and create chances to ride more often.

Ride all the time, for fun or to work

Find courses, tips and know-how to help you rule the road.

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