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Anti-social parking

Tackling anti-social parking in Greater Manchester

Pavements are for people

Pavements are for people and there should be at least enough space for someone pushing a double buggy. The Bee Network 'double buggy test' means pavements should be smooth and clear of obstructions leaving 2m gap with a minimum of 1.4m at restrictive points.

In a response to the government's consultation on pavement parking in 2020, Greater Manchester councils and Transport for Greater Manchester stated that it is their ambition to have all pavements clear of parked vehicles as they can restrict access for people walking or wheeling, particularly those with disabilities or pushing a pram. 

"Walking about with a double pram can be quite difficult"

Amy would love to walk around Greater Manchester more with her kids but often finds that cars park too far onto the pavement.

Amy would love to use her feet and her double buggy for local everyday trips but sometimes feels like it is easier to jump in the car due to "cars parking too far on to the pavement."

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