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Walk yourself happy

It's quicker to walk

By the time you’ve found the car, driven there, parked and walked in, it’s often quicker by foot or wheelchair, and there are plenty of ways to make it fun. It's also direct, no getting stuck in traffic so you can rely on your journey time always being the same.

And it’ll make you feel good.

Explore your neighbourhood

See where you can get to in just 15 minutes, without the car.

Two people walking in the park

Find amazing walks near you

No need to bundle into your car and drive for hours to go for a brilliant walk. Discover walks all around you with the Greater Manchester Walking website. With helpful hints, from wheelchair access to public transport links, there's everything you need to plan a local walk.

Two women laughing as they walk through a park

Walking adds life

20 minutes walking a day can add up to 7 years to your life!

Get in the habit of walking

How and why to get in the habit of walking.

Two older men walking along a pedestrianised street
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The Bee Network

Delivering the UK's largest cycling and walking network

A visualisation of how Chapel Street East could look with new cycling and walking improvements

Find extra help

Support for your business, school or community group

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