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Fall in lovewith regular riding

Why we cycle

People cycle for all kinds of reasons.

Because it's nicer than sitting in traffic.

Because it means you get where you're going on time.

Because it makes you feel good.

Because it saves you money.

Because it gets you fit.

Because it's fun

So, why not ride every day?

Sometimes, it’s the daftest things that stop you from riding.

A puncture fix, or wonky brakes that would take 5 minutes to fix, if you knew how to fettle your bike.

Or even just the force of habit that keeps the car keys in your hand.

Sometimes it’s about more than that.

Things like confidence on the road, family time pressures or a secure place to park your bike. We can give you hints and tips on that as well.

Make reasons to ride

Get in the habit of riding more.

Can I ride this one out?

Popping to the shops for milk? Why not go by bike? It’s probably quicker to ride.

Why not warm up on the way to the gym?

Driving to ride nowhere seems daft. Why not ride to the gym instead?

Ride to school

No parking worries and it's probably quicker. Why not do it by bike?

Fun with friends and family

Ride out together! Explore, have fun, discover new places and people. By bike.

Be ride-ready

The daftest things stop us from taking the bike instead of the car. Here's a handful of great tips.

Hang a bag o' bits by the door

Lock, lights and maybe a puncture kit. So that when the mood takes you, you can just grab and go.

Let the train take the strain

Let the train take the strain Pop your bike on the train and head out into the hills.

Find More Routes

Use our range of maps to help you find cycling routes close to home or further afield - the adventure starts here!

Got blockers?

Whatever's stopping you riding, we can probably help

Learn how to fix your bike

Fixing punctures, brakes and more can stop you riding. Don't let minor mechanical issues slow you down.

Illustration of a broken bike

Confidence-building courses

Get road-rider ready - move beyond the basics with our range of courses, tailored to your level of cycling. Whether you are just getting back into it, or almost ready to commute, we've got your back.

Group of people doing cycling training

Buying, borrowing & renting cycles

If you don't have access to a bike, TfGM can help you get started.

Bloke in a bike shop, surrounded by bikes

A buyer's guide to choosing a bike

It's not as complicated as you might think

If you google 'buying a bike' you'll probably be overwhelmed with information. But the truth is that buying a bike really is not that complicated and you can pick a decent one up for as little as £100.

The most important things to consider when choosing a bike are:

  • Get the right frame size: having the right size bike means that your bike is much easier to control, keeping you safe. 

  • Think about where you need to store your bike and whether you can manage with it if it is very heavy. This might mean you need to consider options like folding bikes, or spend a bit more to get a bike that is lighter to handle if you need to take it up stairs or lift it onto a bike stand.

  • You don't have to buy a new bike: second hand bikes can offer great value for money.

  • If you plan to carry a lot of items or a bag with you when you ride about, you might want to consider a bike with panniers or a basket on the front.

Why not ride all the time?

Become a regular rider. Find 1-2-1 training courses, support and tips on commuting or getting money off your next bike.

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