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Walking: make it a habit

Why Sarah walks

Get the habit

Maybe you just walk very occasionally and it’s your usual habit to jump in the car for a quick trip round the corner. Can you swap the car keys for a jacket, your brolly, rain (or sun) hat and just head out.

Maybe just once or twice a week, a ten-minute walk to grab a few light items of shopping or to get to an appointment will help you feel great and will change that car habit.

How great would you feel if you walked a little more each day for the next month?

Have you thought about where you could get to in just 15 minutes by foot?

For your body...

Walking has so many physical benefits including:

  • A 20-25 minute brisk walk daily can add 7 years to your life

  • Builds your stamina, making everyday movement easier as you get older and giving you more energy

  • Keeps your heart, lungs and circulation healthy and improves flexibility

  • Helps your core muscles (those that keep you stable in your lower stomach and back area) and glutes (bum muscles)

  • Boosts your immune system

For your mind...

Walking can have a really positive impact on your mental health, including:

  • Walking releases endorphins, putting you in a better mood and can reduce anxiety and stress levels

  • Daily walks can improve your memory and the way your mind works

  • A nice walk can help you sleep better, giving you more energy in the day

  • A walk gives us time to settle our thoughts and looking at interesting things on the way such as nature or shop windows, even stopping for a chat, can be a welcome distraction that helps calm our minds

  • Helps you focus on your breathing, calming your nervous system

  • You also might have had some great creative ideas by getting out and about!

For a better place to live...

  • 250 million car trips every year in Greater Manchester are less than one kilometre - that's a 10 minute walk

  • Air pollution is linked to a range of very serious health conditions and contributes to early deaths in our city-region

  • The more journeys that are taken by active modes such as walking, take cars off our roads, helps clean up our air and makes a nicer, more attractive place for people to grow up, get on and grow old

Walking adds life

20 minutes walking a day can add up to 7 years to your life!


If you want to get going now, find out where you can get to in 15 minutes on foot or by bike in your area.

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