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Cycle and Stridefor Active Lives


Cycle and Stride for Active Lives:
The leaders' programme

The Cycle and Stride leaders' programme is here to support community leaders across Greater Manchester.

Develop your skills, your social enterprise and your ability to reach those hard-to-reach groups and develop good active travel habits with the tools and guidance below.

For leaders on the Cycle and Stride programme, this is available over 14-sessions rolling out in the first half of 2022. For those who cannot attend, and as a digital legacy for future leaders, we are making all the sessions and training materials available here for you to view and download.

The sessions

We’re covering two main topic areas:

  • Developing your social enterprise: organisation and funding

  • Outreach, PR and marketing

Sessions on developing your social enterprise

Progressing and prioritising your idea or venture

Unpacking community and social issues that are important to you, your organisation and community. Introducing tools and techniques for problem solving and social innovation.

Whether this is your first social enterprise or you want to develop your existing projects, we’ll show you how to develop a 7-step plan to launch or grow your venture.

Support materials - Progressing and prioritising your social venture

PDF download

Progressing and prioritising your social venture

Developing your social business model

Focusing your activity allows you to do the most good. It’s very easy to get sidetracked into trying to do ‘everything’, ending up distracted and exhausted.

This session shows you how to use a key tool for describing and analysing your business model: identifying exactly what you do, the benefits of it to people and what makes it valuable. By Identifying your customers main problem (pain point), you can connect what you do with its value to your communities and deliver it more effectively to more people.

Support materials - Legal structures overview for social ventures

PDF download

How to attract funding and achieve bid success

If your social enterprise is just starting out, getting access to the funding you need to help you grow can be daunting. We’ll look at:

  • Funding and Fundraising from a standing start

  • Looking for funding, being eligible and having the right content & evidence

  • Important data gathering & evidence – PESTLE reports, Market Intelligence, Community feedback

  • Creating a funding Bid Canvas

Video and support materials to follow after the session has been delivered.

PDF download

PESTLE bid canvas - how to achieve funding and bid success

PESTLE bid canvas - how to achieve funding and bid success

GDPR protection basics

‘Too much information’ as the saying goes. Sharing personal details about vulnerable individuals could have serious consequences for them and cause your social enterprise costly legal trouble + damaging PR. So, this might sound like a dull session, yet it’s very much worth attending. We’ll cover the rules, the penalties for breaking them and how to stay on the right side of the law.

PDF download

GDPR and data protection basics - slides

GDPR and data protection basics - slides

Strengthening inclusion to engage with hard-to-reach groups

Not everyone is on social media, not everyone is well connected to their local communities. And yet these are often the people who need your help the most.

  • Considering why some groups are perceived as ‘Hard to Reach’

  • Understanding how to build trust and reach into your community

  • Case studies and examples of success

  • Links to networks and resources to broaden awareness, communication and engagement

PDF downloads

Strengthening inclusion with hard-to-reach groups

Strengthening inclusion with hard-to-reach groups - PDF download

Basic finances for social business

For many small social enterprises, getting funding is key to helping grow the number of people you help. Yet that funding comes with its own issues. You have to manage cashflow as well as accounting for it to funding bodies and, of course, HMRC.

This session will cover:

  • Basic budgeting, cashflow, profit andm Loss and Accounting

  • Basic scenario planning in Excel to make financial projections

Slides - Basic finances for social businesses - PDF download

Slides - Basic finances for social businesses - PDF download

Budget template - basic finances for social business - MS excel file

Budget template - basic finances for social business - MS excel file

Budget Workshop Exercise - Basic finances for social busineses

Budget Workshop Exercise - Basic finances for social busineses

Cashflow template - MS Excel file

Cashflow template - MS Excel file

Finding growth funding as part of your wider income generation strategy

As you become more established, one-off funding, whilst incredibly useful, doesn’t allow you to plan or operate effectively. So, you need to think about a more systematic approach.

  • Considering your Income Generation Strategy

  • Considering routes to regular or longer term funding

  • Considering Social Investment

  • Evolving your funding Bid Canvas for Growth and meeting largescale funder expectations

Scaling up your social business

As your organisation grows, volunteers and staff get added, the scope of what you do changes and grows and your role changes with it. And it can be easy to lose focus, or find things becoming unmanageable.

In this session, you’ll learn how to develop clarity over who does what, and accountability to make sure you continue to be able to function and attract funding. We’ll also cover how to develop your offering, help more people and position your social enterprise as a leader in your field. 

Social value and impact measurement

What is it and why bother? Securing funding often depends on your being able to prove the positive difference you are making to your community. We’ll show you how to do this.

  • The difference between output, outcomes, impact and value and why it matters

  • How this links to your values, vision, governance and Theory of Change

  • The Importance of evidence and values intelligence to support funding and commissioning bids

  • Keeping it simple and doable for your organisation

PDF download

Impact and value measurement - Slides - PDF

Impact and value measurement - slides - PDF

Sessions on outreach, marketing and PR

Introduction to marketing

How do you attract attention?

How do you communicate effectively with various audiences? From social-media obsessed teens to hard-to-reach tech-rejectors, we will show you an approach for how to deliver the right message, at the right time, in the right place to the right people. 

For writer's block:

To manage posts easily: Canva for non profits

PDF download

Slides - introduction to marketing

Slides - introduction to marketing

Social media fundamentals

The more people you can reach, the more good you can do. Yet, you have a limited time and energy. So, we’ll look at the ins and outs of reaching the most people for the least effort, answering questions like:

  • How do I get good reach on social media?

  • Which social media networks should I concentrate on and why?

  • Should I use a system like Hootsuite to manage my social media?

  • What tools can I use to make creating posts easier, video especially.

PDF download

Social media fundamentals - slides from session

Social media fundamentals - session slides

Building social communities

How are you mobilising your community to create opportunities, maximise resources and unlock talent to make a difference?

This session will look at:

  • Mapping where talent and energy lies

  • Attracting and managing volunteers

  • Managing and mobilising communities on and off Social Media

PDF download

Buildling social communicites slides - PDF download

Building social communities slides - PDF download

Making good connections - PR and influencers

“Getting a shout-out from ‘This girl can’ would help me hugely,” said Grace from Sole Mother in our recent 1-2-1. Well, we can’t promise you that, but we can show you how to use the power of your network to extend your reach, get media coverage, find supporters and help more people.

In this session, you’ll learn the value of your network, how a good network can help with your social enterprise and how to grow your network. - great resources on 'how to network'. - a useful tool for network mapping

PDF Downloads

Making good connections

Making Good Connections

Basics of LinkedIn Marketing

Basics of LinkedIn Marketing

Social media strategy and advertising

As your social enterprise grows, you’ll find yourself trying to reach different people at different times with different messages. It’s very easy for it all to get a bit much. You may be managing an email list, 8 different social media channels and more.

At worst, it can all descend into a mess of confusing messages that switch people off. We’ll show you how to cut through the chaos and maximise your effectiveness.

PDF download

Social media and advertising - slides

Social media strategy and advertising

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