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Two cyclists using starling bank bikes in Manchester

Starling Bank Bikes

How to use Starling Bank Bikes

The bikes are available to hire via the app. The scheme is powered by Beryl who operate the bikes on behalf of the Bee Network.


The bikes can be hired on a Pay As You Ride (PAYR) basis. Pedal bikes cost 50p to unlock and 5p per minute to ride. E-bikes cost £1 to unlock and 10p per minute to ride.

Minute bundles

You can also save money on your ride with minute bundles. Buy between £5 and £40 of minutes in advance and pay just 5p a minute to ride both standard and e-bikes. There are no unlock fees for standard bikes when you purchase a minute bundle.

Starling bank bike hire customer riding a bike in Manchester

Getting back up to speed

There’s loads of bikes available for hire in parts of Manchester, Trafford and Salford. But there’s been a big rise in theft and vandalism recently. We’re on it.  

We’ve recovered lots of bikes and we’re getting them fixed as soon as we can. But we’ve had to make some temporary changes. 

Some cycle hire stations will be suspended temporarily so that there are more bikes available in areas where users have been most active.

Suspended stands will be fitted with a plate so you can't park in them. To find out which stations are live, please use the Starling Bank Bikes app or look on Beryl's website.

We’re sorry if this affects your journey. 

Seen a bike somewhere it shouldn’t be?

If you spot something wrong, it’s quick and easy to let us know: 

Seen something criminal, like theft or vandalism? You can discreetly LiveChat Greater Manchester Police or call 101. 

Ready to roll?

It's simple to get started - all you need to do is download the Starling Bank Bikes app, find a bike and start riding.

Two cyclists using starling bank bike hire in Manchester

Want to know more?

Got questions about the current bike station locations? How to get started? How to use the scheme correctly? And how not to get charged a fee for incorrect use? 

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