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Scheme Heatons WRH

An Active Neighbourhood that prioritises the movement, health and safety of people over motor vehicles.

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Map key

  • Active neighbourhood
  • Bridge, ramp or other structure
  • Crossing
  • Cycle Hire Station
  • Cycle Hub
  • Cyclops Junction
  • Football
  • Gym
  • Hospital
  • Junction Improvement
  • Library
  • Modal Filter
  • Open Cycle Parking
  • Park or Playground
  • Parklet
  • Protected Junction
  • School
  • Tennis
  • Train Station
  • Tram Station
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Scheme description

Stockport Council has worked with representatives of local community groups, to create a scheme across the Four Heatons that will improve connections on bike and on foot, but also make the area a more pleasant, and attractive place for the local community. Filter points would be included to discourage rat running, while other improvements include improved crossing points on roads in the area in addition to improved surfacing and lighting. The community proposals include cycle parking and parklets, as well potential improvements to the streetscape in the neighbourhood centres.

Covering all four Heatons, this scheme will look to re-balance parts of this area in favour of people and place with selected measures to reduce flows of traffic where people live and thus encourage more walking and cycling.

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